Mechanical installations

a single point of responsibility
    Why choose our services?

    A complete and compliant approach

    Capitol Group offer in-house design and build solutions for undertaking the activities of new mechanical & electrical installations and building projects ranging in value up to in excess of £1million per discipline.
    The nature of the work carried out is reflected in the diversity of our customer base and includes for the fit-out and refurbishment of offices, commercial premises, luxury apartments, retail stores and other types of properties within our customer portfolio.

    Mechanical Services

    Our design facility includes for the production of specifications and fully coordinated installation drawings.
    We undertake air conditioning installations ranging from DX split systems to larger VRV/VRF systems, boiler room refurbishment’s and main mechanical plant replacement.
    Many of today’s projects demand a more complete and compliant approach whereby the client prefers a single point of responsibility to cover the various mechanical, electrical and other disciplines. Our aim is to provide this combined approach at all times using only professional and skilled personnel to ensure the client’s aspirations are met on time every time.

    Maintain air conditioning, building services plant and equipment with Planned Preventative Maintenance

    Air Conditioning

    Capitol Group offer our clients a variety of solutions when selecting the right installation for their property.
    The benefits are in creating a more comfortable and suitable environment, whilst reducing energy costs and equipment failures.
    Air conditioning is now a common part of everyday life in the home and work place. Research has shown that as the temperature rises your performance falls and therefore an efficient air conditioning system can increase staff productivity.

    Mitsubishi Electric Advanced Air Conditioning

    delivers optimum comfort, reduced energy costs and minimal environmental impact

    BMS Controls

    We install and maintain a wide range of BMS systems through our in-house engineers and accredited partners.
    Our work is recognised as being of the very highest standard and our teams of engineers, project managers and accredited partners are both reliable and flexible.
    Each BMS project follows a quality procedure built on knowledge gained over many years enabling us to provide the right BMS solution to meet the specific needs of the project.

    Trend, Tridum, Innotech, Siemens, North Building Technologies

    BMS Manufacturers

    We have successfully carried out BMS projects within the commercial, retail and high-end residential sectors and are pleased to work with the following manufacturers

    • Heat Pump Technology
    • Split Air Conditioning
    • Multi-Split Air Conditioning
    • VRF/VRV Systems

    Heat Pump Technology

    Heat pump technology is fitted within the vast majority of all air conditioning systems we supply.
    This will provide both heating and cooling as required, economically with the advantage of energy and cost savings over some traditional central heating systems.

    Split Air Conditioning

    The most common form of commercial air conditioning is the “split” type system, so called because the system comprises of an indoor unit, mounted on a wall, floor or ceiling linked to an outdoor condensing unit, which recirculates the air in the room, cooling or heating it as required by the user.

    Multi-Split Air Conditioning

    Operating in the same way as the “split” system, the “multi-split” system enables a number of indoor units to be individually controlled from a single outdoor unit.
    This type of system provides the ideal solution to cool/heat a number of areas, whilst reducing the space required for the outdoor condensing unit.

    Variable Refrigerant Flow/Volume Systems

    Variable Refrigerant Flow/Volume systems are the most modern and sophisticated development of the “split” type systems.
    You can connect up to 50 indoor units to a single large outdoor condensing unit. The outdoor condensing unit is developed to respond proportionately to the number of indoor units operating, each being controlled for cooling or heating.
    This type of system provides flexibility, with individual indoor unit temperatures being changed independently, allowing personal choice as indoor and outdoor conditions change.
    The VRF/VRV system offers you an all year round solution to indoor climate control with unrivalled flexibility and energy efficiency.
    We are also able to offer the mini-VRF/VRV systems, designed to suit smaller premises that require the same flexibility as that of the larger VRF/VRV systems.